Monday, July 30, 2007


THIS is the last week of the motorati island tours.... would love to see you there!!! we've been having a blast and it's been so much fun to meet so many interesting people both old and brand new to SL...

if you want to take a tour this week, sign up at


on each tour, 5,000 lindens are given away, a custom pontiac solstice GXP, free gifts from our sponsors, "oi boots", "nicky ree", "'mainLine", "random" and "gurl 6".

this week in addition on each tour a 5K gift certificate to "caLLie cLine" my main shop will also be given out on each tour!!!

hope to see some of you this week!!!



(this is the promotional video that was made for the tours if you want to check it out)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

tours continue in HIGH GEAR!!!

wow! after about a week of tours, i have to say just "wow"!!! it's been such a blast to welcome new and old to the motorati sims and join the tour participants on a few stops along the way... ending at my beach club!!!

here's a little collection from the tour photos, that show how much fun we had, and how wonderfully diverse the participants have been...

i'm having a BLAST, and it's great to meet everyone!!! the banner is up on and, and new "newbie" center on the pontiac sim is like a little birthing center, seeing newbies pop up is so cool! i forgot what that was like!

ok now for some photos!

ok, so ya i was as bit nervous!

the welcome tent!

a cool tour where my "caL gaLs" joined in!

group hug!!!

we even got a martian on the tour!

and a cute little furry!

fun on the beach!

one of the coolest gaLs in SL, "willow raven" who has done some modeling for me!!! isn't she cool looking!

well that's all for now, it's been a fun week!!! if you want to do a tour, sign up at you'll have fun, meet new ppl, and get way cool prizes!!! (like the racing suits worn in the photo) and on each tour a chance to win 5K and a custom car!!!

hope to see you at motorati!!!


caLLie and the motorati girls!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

$5000 Lindens, FREE car, "motorati" tours start off with a bang!!!

well the beach club is finished, and it looks FAB, and we've been working hard over the last month preparing for the tours of motorati island... it's been a LOT of work, tending to every little detail, but now, we're officially up and going!

what are tours???

well, in the new maxim, and maxim website, pontiac invites people to come tour their "motorati" sims, and find out more about second life... the tours are great! the folks who sign up make 4 stops, and end up at my brand new beach club. i have the honor of being the hostess, welcoming them, joining them on a few stops, then ending at the beach club and giving out PRIZES!!!

each tour member not only receives their own CAR, and some great gifts, but each has a chance to win $5000 Lindens AND a custom exlusive "motorati girls" solstice GXP!

one of the stops is the "pontiac garage" which is like the one in Times Square in New York City, and in SL, there are always fun events and live concerts going on, they even have had J-Z on that very stage!!!

it's been fun and these tours go on for another month so if you haven't had a chance to explore "motorati island" this is a great way to start!

i'm not going tell too much more about the stops, but if you have some free time, this is a fun way to spend an hour in SL, and see a few of the many cool spots on motorati island and walk away with a bunch of GREAT free stuff, and have a chance to win 5k and a custom car!!! if i wasn't involved, i'd most certainly take a tour!!!

ok, so to sign up for a tour, go to and click on my face! hahaha, you can pick a day and time, and i think they are limited to 10 per tour.

also, i'd like to take this opportunity to thank some of my good friends who donated gifts for this tour...

NICKY REE (custom made racing suit)
GurL 6 - (girls hair)
Random (men's hair) thanks garbage!
"0i" boots (thanks feri beckenbaurer)

more gifts will be added during the weeks as well!!!

thanks to the "offical" motorati sponsors who have in the past months given items for the "motortati girls" GurL 6, Jeepers Creepers, Elexor Matador, and to the new sponsors, Nicky Ree, Random, Oi, and for those others who will be sponsors, thank you in advance!!!



p.s. hope to see you on a tour... "a 3 hour tour..." just kidding, that song just pops in my head anytime i say tour... (from gilligan's island, hahaha) it's only about 40 minutes long... but what if we all got stranded??? hahaha that would be funny.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

stay tuned for exciting news!!!!

coming this week!!! like... TOMORROW!!! YAY!!!



Friday, May 4, 2007

mad maddie & crazy caLLie at work

ok, so i guess it's time to tell that the "motorati girlz" are getting a whole new place... and saying goodbye to the pink building that ally and me made... and now, we're gonna have an AMAZING BEACH CLUB RESORT!!!!

I am so excited cuz now there will be a "posh" place for the girLz to have fun in the sun, swim, dance, shop, lounge, be pampered and more!!

so maddie and i, have been working hard, to develop the look and feel so that it really feels like a resort, a "get away" and yet a fun place to hang with your friends.

when we started i was so scared cuz i just wasn't sure how we'd pull it off, i had a vision in my head, but, just wasn't sure how it would look, if it would work, and after hours and hours of planning, and my terrible terrafoming, (sorry maddie) and stuff, we are getting more and more excited at how it's coming out...

we'll update ya soon, but it should be opening mid may!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

fun for tv!!!

here's a few pics of me and motorati girlz, ally geer, and kiana dulce... we were filming some stuff for a show to be shown on TV!!! yay!!! that's all i can say for now, but i'll make sure to let you more details VERY soon!!!



Monday, March 19, 2007

events this week at motorati!!!

hi! just wanted to let you all know of some way cool events happening all 'motorati' this week! for more info check out...

Motorati Weekly Events Calendar 3/19 thru 3/25

Monday 19th- DJ NoNo 80’s, cheese, pop, BnB, Electro 2pm-4pm SLT @ The Parkade
Tuesday 20th Live Music Series @ Pontiac Garage, featuring Dan Octavio 11am SLT
Tuesday 20th- Pits Yao (DJ) industrial & electroclash, euro dance, etc 2pm-4pm SLT @ The Parkade
Tuesday 20th-Topher Delcon drum n bass, jungle, rock 4pm to 6pm @ Parkade
Tuesday 20th-DJ Pinka Paine @ 6pm @ Underwater Love
Wednesday 21st- Live music series @ Pontiac Garage, featuring loft Google 7pm SLT
Thursday 22nd- Miss Cyberpink (DJ) electro 3pm to 6pm SLT @ Parkade
Thursday 22nd- DJ Pinka Paine @ 6pm @ Underwater Love
Friday 23rd- pure stocks, legends on the oval 4pm SLT @ Fairgrounds Raceway
Friday 23th- Clivester Clyburn (DJ) house & mashups 3pm to 5pm SLT,@ The Parkade
Friday 23th- Victoria Coppola (DJ) trance 7pm to 9pm SLT @ The Parkade
Friday 23rd- Live music series @ Pontiac Garage, featuring Melvin Took @ 5pm SLT (waiting on confirmation)
Sunday 25th- Street stocks, Pro Trucks, and Late Models (big oval) 7pm SLT@ Fairgrounds Raceway
Sunday 25th- DJ Pinkadelic “Driving Miss Daisy Mad” 5pm to 7pm SLT @ The Parkade